Materi 9 : Asking and Giving Permission

Asking permission berarti meminta izin dari seseorang, sedangkan giving permission berarti memberikan izin.

Asking permission                          Giving permission
Accepting Refusing
May I….?

  • May I use your computer
  • May I wash my hands?
  • May I borrow your money, please?

Can I….?

  • Can I ask you a question
  • Can I open the door, please?
  • Can I help you?

Do you mind ….?

  • Do you mind if I turn on the fan?
  • Do you mind if I smoke here?

Is it okay….?

  • Is it okay if I eat here?

Would it be alright ….?

  • Would it be alright if I come in?
  • Sure
  • All right
  • No problem
  • Here you are
  • Yes, please
  • Please feel free           
  • I’m sorry. You can’t
  • I’m afraid you can’t
  • No, please don’t



Roni  :  Tan, It’s very hot in this room. Can I open the windows and the door? 
Tania  :  Sure. And you can turn on the fan, too. 
Roni  :  Okay tan, Thank you. 
Tania  :  You’re welcome. 


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